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“Your heart beat and rate tells a wealth of information

Thousands of years ago a system was developed by the Chinese, Indian and Tibetan people to access the Human computer and operating system by placing three fingers on the wrist. It was known as Pulse diagnosis and is still in use today.

In the Sixties and Seventies Russian scientists involved in the navy and space program were investigating the rhythms of life for the health of their divers and astronauts. They started to use the ancient knowledge of pulse reading with modern technology to read these rhythms.

These rythms include the:

  • Cardio Vascular System
  • Autonomic Nervous System
  • Neuro Hormonal System
  • Emotional Responses
  • Thermo Dynamics
  • Blood Pressure etc.

HRV is a window into all the body’s important systems, their connectivity and how they are functioning to maintain health. It gives us an incredible amount of information on our autonomic nervous system, central nervous system activity, brain function, biological age, and much more.

Adaptation is key in our daily life for us to function, perform and recover well. Seeing how your body is adapting to stress is a valuable tool to manage and improve your health through lifestyle medicine.

Being able to see our rhythms of life lets you view the meridians as well as the five elements of our being; physical – energy (body electrics) – mental – spiritual and heart connection with a well laid out graphical interface.

The meridian system is easy to see and gives us clear direction in which the correction of flow needs to be assisted. We can also view the aura, chakras and doshas.