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‘A problem shared is a problem halved’

Share your story here.  Your traumas and challenges subconsciously control your behaviours.  Healing is necessary to address them and remove them from the subconscious.  By sharing your story you are on your journey to healing yourself and helping so many others do the same. You can either send us a video or text and we will add it here. You can remain anonymous if you want.  You are not alone!!


As a collective, each one of us has gone through personal traumas moulding us to the best that we can be.  My traumas took me through a journey of searching and seeking to understand myself and how these traumas affected me to be able to help others who have gone through the same.  I was an unwanted child due to family dynamics.  I was sexually abused.  I was sent to a Catholic nun’s boarding school abroad at the age of 7 when my half sister was born.  She was the golden girl and I was the black sheep and scapegoat for the family’s dysfunction.  I was called ‘good for nothing’ and I was physically mentally and emotionally abused.  There was no love, no touch, no acknowledgement, no emotional and psychological support in my life.   I subconsciously repeated these same patterns in the people I chose as partners.  I had addictive tendencies.   I became bulimic at the age of 14 which continued till the age of 45.  I finally realized my dysfunction, connected the dots, and sought help. I decided to learn therapies to help myself and others.  Learning to love myself and letting go of victimhood and the past has been my greatest challenge. I cut myself off from toxic family members. I cut myself off from people who do not accept me as I am. I have a beautiful son and I am grateful for all the simple blessings in my life.  I have come to the conclusion that healing is a process, it takes time and it takes courage to delve back into the past and process all the hurt and suffering.  I would not be the person I am now had I not gone through those challenges!

Houry N.